It’s time for me to blog again

QRxEeCEAs those of you who for some baffling reason still follow me on social media won’t need explaining, last year I walked away from many forums and “communities” I’d been actively involved in for over 10 years.  But for the benefit of those unfamiliar with the old blog, the old podcast and everything that went along with it, the long story short is, I simply got bored.  Bored of the trolls, bored of the same conversations over and over — bored of putting myself under some degree of pressure to regularly post new content and be available — be that in endless comment reply threads, or full-blown “debates” via Skype and latterly Google Hangouts — not to mention the constant need to keep up with this drama and that, which was seriously starting to put a strain on my mental health.

A lot has happened in the past 12 months.  Brexit and Trump, in particular, had me half wishing I was still in the mix, and half glad I wasn’t.  But as we go into 2018, and all which that entails in particular with regard to my involvement in the Labour Party, and the very real if somewhat daunting possibility of another General Election here in the UK, I’ve decided now is the right time for me to write again — I want to blog again, and for a long time I just didn’t have the energy or interest to do that.

In the short term this means, over the next few days, I’ll be posting a few snippets which I wrote over the past year with no original intention of ever posting on-line. I’m one of those people who feels better having written something down, if only to get a given set of ideas or events straight in my own head.  Some of these snippets will touch on one of the biggest reasons outside of the above-mentioned boredom which caused me to walk away particularly from Google Plus.  I’m choosing to post these snippets, in other words, because there is finally light at the end of a very long, tedious and occasionally pretty frightening tunnel, which I hope by speaking about these experiences might connect me with other people who’ve gone through similar things.

Long term, at some point I want to revive my YouTube channel which will also hopefully involve working on joint projects with some old and some new faces.

Stay tuned!