Penn Jillette just isn’t funny anymore

I’m by no means a fan of Hillary Clinton.  But my preference for Bernie Sanders to take the Democratic nomination for President is a blog post for another time.  I’m also a big fan of Penn Jillette.  His books are entertaining, and of course his stagecraft as a magician is second to none.  But telling a bad joke just to get away with using the word ‘bitch’ on TV is childish and beneath him.  He also appears to realise this very shortly after saying it, as an embarrassed cringe comes over his face, when he realises it has also offended the two presenters of the show.

As a libertarian, Jillette no doubt feels that he should be entitled to say and do whatever he wants, whenever he wants to say and do it.  Fair enough.  But even he qualifies this in his book ‘God No‘, in describing his brand of libertarianism, as a rule of thumb which crosses the line whenever those words and actions impact on the life of someone else.  In the above video, he also claims that the only reason he told the joke in the first place, was because he expected it to get a small droll reaction.  But when it exploded among his audience, he was shocked.  So much so, apparently, he deemed it necessary to repeat again on a national news programme.

Bad form, Penn.  Bad form.